Are you an ambitious hands on type of person that likes to get the job done well? Looking for a hands on job in Industrial Piping? Hesitate no longer!

Currently we have the following vacancies:

  • Sales Engineer
  • Project Engineer

Who do we hire?

  • You are a no-nonsense problem solver
  • You speak a minimum of two languages of which one of them is Dutch or English
  • You are ambitious and don’t hesitate to shift up a gear when necessary.
  • You always deliver top notch quality, don’t settle for less!
  • Relevant experience is a must.
  • Willing to travel abroad occasionally

How to apply? Send resume and cover letter to A psychological test may be part of the recruiting procedure.

Aside of these we offer internships for those in pursuit of a Mechanical, Civil or other Technical degree. Accommodation and transportation are part of our offer.

How to apply for an internship? Send resume and cover letter to

A resume which contains:

  • Addresses and phone numbers for both school and permanent residence.
  • E-mail address a statement affirming the nationality and permanent resident status of the applicant.
  • Information about the student’s education, recent work experiences, and activities and awards.
  • Dates of availability.