Industrial Pipe Installation

Our experience and expertise in all fields of process piping installations results in excellence.

Stainless Steel

Chemicals, Food, Water treatment, the experience and excellence of our team of welders is so high it touches the very heart of our company. All our welders and pipe fitters are frequently trained, tested and certified to ensure you only get the best men on your site. They’re vast experience, often over two decades, together with high quality materials and tools ensure you only get the best.

Carbon Steel

For clients in the Oil and Offshore market we have done a substantial number of projects with piping in carbon steel. All our welders are fully certified are used to work in most strict safety conditions. Our heritage in these sectors means all our welding is of an industry-leading quality.

GRE, Glass Reinforced Epoxy

Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) materials are an alternative to carbon steel pipes especially for corrosive, aggressive and normal applications. GRE pipe systems are prefabricated from continuous glass fibres which are wound at a helical angle within a matrix of aromatic amine cured epoxy resin.

With its high chemical resistance, impact resistance and durability at both high and low temperatures, this system is highly suitable for process pipelines, sewage systems, vapor recovery systems, fire hydrants and foam lines. Its low weight and fast connection techniques make this system more reliable then conventional alternatives.

GRE pipe advantages:

  • cheaper over project life due to absence of corrosion
  • improved flow capacity due to lower pipe friction characteristics
  • requires little or no maintenance unlike carbon steel
  • suitable for use in corrosive and aggressive environment
  • Lower weight than carbon steel, which is an advantage for offshore applications
  • Cheaper and faster to install than carbon steel


In the last decade there has been an increasing demand for Piping systems build in PVC. Often PVC is favoured over other materials such a stainless steels for their high corrosion resistance. For those situations where highly corrosive chemicals are used often PVC is a cost effective solution. We’ve build systems for a wide range of applications. Often skid mounted. Ranging from (Sea)water treatment to Pharmaceutical applications.

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